Zorori, the protagonist.

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ZORORI FANS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD UNITE! This is a wiki about the popular Japanese animated series Kaiketsu Zorori. Anyone can edit this so your contribute is welcome.

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Kaiketsu Zorori (かいけつゾロリ, Kaiketsu Zorori) initially started as a children book series by Yutaka Hara. Then, its incredible success gave birth to a series of parallel projects, especially the anime which this wiki is about.

The series is set in an alternative version of Earth and Japan, populated by antropomorphic animals. Zorori, the main protagonist, is a cunning and mischievous fox whose main aim is to make his mother's last wish come true: become the King of Mischief, marry with a beautiful woman, and most of all, build a magnificent castle.

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