The twin boar bandits are brothers called Noshishi and Ishishi. They serve as both friends and sidekicks to Zorori.

Ishishi is the older brother, and Noshishi is the younger brother.

You can tell them apart as Ishishi does not have a mole, and Noshishi has a mole on his right cheek. This is what they say when they correct Zorori for calling Noshishi "Ishishi" by mistake in the first episode.

You can also tell which one's which by their voice. Noshishi has a younger sounding voice, which makes sense because he's the younger brother of the two. Ishishi has an older sounding voice which ties in back to him being the older brother.

Etymology & Trivia

  • Their names are derived from the Japanese word Inoshishi which means "wild boar".
  • Their first appearance is in Kaiketsu Zorori - The Dragon Slayer, in Levanna Kingdom in an alley with an Oden Stall fighting over Oden. The first episode of the anime.
  • They follow Zorori when he runs off with the Oden Stall and gives them the oden.
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